New subdivision

     RCW Nurseries, Inc. is proud to announce the opening of their newest planned community, Faerie Springs Estates      Quaint homes, paved walking paths and a pond grace this new community, just inches from Faerie Ridge and a few feet from Old Faerieburg. RCW also has modular homes ready to be … Read more about New subdivision

New and too cool!

Plumeria     Last year we got some variegated pink plumeria, named 'Pink Maya' .For a picture.... The foliage is amazing, but they were pricey. I found some more from a grower in far east Texas (sometimes refered to as Louisiana). These … Read more about New and too cool!

Valentines Day is here…

Don't blow it again!!!      Danger! Danger! Warning Will Robinson! (Only some of you may get that!). Failure is unacceptable! (...or that one!). Finding the right Valentines Day gift can make you a hero. If you have trouble expressing how you feel, we can help! Don't give a bouquet of already dead … Read more about Valentines Day is here…

Whoa, Nellie!

Busting forth!     The weather has been amazing! With a  few warm days, we are seeing the first signs of  spring. The Red Maples and Evergreen Pears are flowering. The Flowering Apricots are  doing their thing and the bees are loving it! [This is where there should be some pictures, but because the … Read more about Whoa, Nellie!