Froggy fun

     I don’t know what it is about frogs and toads, but I just like them. I have never met one, seen one or held one, in any form, whether it was live, painted, molded, carved or drawn, that I didn’t just say “Awww” to… (served on a plate is another thing all togetherand gets more of an “Ewww”). There’s one that lives outside my bedroom window that sings me to sleep in the summer. We find lots of Green Treefrog (Hyla cinerea) in the nursery. It’s always a delightful to find them and a little shocking if you accidently grab one. They take offense when you move the plant they are on and on a few occasions, have jumped on me. There is some sort of frog that we occasionally see in the turtle pond. I don’t know exactly what it is,  we usually just see a pair of eyes sticking out of the water. I guess my affection for our anphibian friends has spilled over into the nursery. I went sort of frog crazy and bought a bunch from our favorite statuary company, Campania International If there is something in their catalogue you are interested in, we can give you a price quote and add it to our next order. Here are a few pictures.

frogs 008frogs 005frogs 004frogs 009frogs 001frogs 010

Here is a great web site for identifying Texas frogs and toads.

This is an interesting site about frog and toad myths.

If you’re into watching nature videos, check this out.