Whether you need a complete renovation, or problem repair, we offer a comprehensive set of solutions for all your landscaping needs.

Shannon Beach handles the landscaping designs at RCW Nurseries. For an appointment with Shannon please email her at: shannon@rcwnurseries.com. You may also reach her at 281-440-5161.

Landscape Consultation

A wonderful service for do-it-yourself workers who need advice or help from a certified nursery professional.

Service includes:

  • On-site consultation
  • Simple design plan with suggested plants and materials
  • Plant inspection
  • Recommended curative treatments
  • Suggested fertilization schedule for trees, shrubs, and lawn
  • Plant care instructions

Fee: $100.00/hour
(Within 20 Mile Radius of Nursery. For 20+ Miles, fees based on mileage. )

Landscape Design

Complete landscape design service for new homes, renovating worn-out landscapes, or developing a specific theme. Service includes:

  • On-site consultation discussing design goals, conceptual designs, needs, and budget
  • Site analysis: determining site exposure and drainage characteristics and balancing these with the way you want to use the space
  • One conceptual landscape plan drawn to scale with plants, trees, grading, and hardscape features

Fee:  Starts at $500

Irrigation Consultation

For an appointment, please call Jim Rockwell of Allied Sprinkler and Repair, at 281-463-6663. Or visit www.alliedsprinkler.com.

For those who need to:

  • Correct drainage problems
  • Upgrade watering equipment
  • Expand current system
  • Install a new system
  • Repair an existing sytem

Fee: Charge depends on project

Tree Care