Moving trees

Start the process now!      So, you want that tree moved. The first thing you need to decide is can you physically do it. This job, isn’t an easy one. In our opinion, it will take 2 to 3 healthy and strong people to move a tree that is up to a 4 inches in caliper. To gauge caliper, measure the … Read more about Moving trees

Death by mulch

Why, why, why!      Why and how the excessive use of mulch became popular is something I will never understand. I have seen mulch piled so high that it looked like an earthworks. Is the goal to protect the tree or plants from flood or invasion by a foreign power? Where has anyone seen this atrocity … Read more about Death by mulch

Weed wars

A simple fact of life Even the most dedicated gardeners have uninvited guests.  Suddenly, a stranger pops up in our yard, leaving you to wonder where it came from. You certainly didn't plant it (or did you??). There it is...eating your food...robbing your friends of water and sunlight.  Weeds can … Read more about Weed wars