Ask and we start looking!

     We are asked, more often, for heirloom and organic seeds. Well, Renee’s Garden has done us a huge favor and got the job done. Renee’s has always had a large number of heirloom varieties but added a bunch of organic seed varieties too.  They put together packets of mixed varieties, so you can a greater assortment in your garden. Instead of buying 3 packs of beans to get 3 colors, their “Tricolor” Beans has purple, yellow and green bean seeds.  Renee’s also has mixes for carrots, chard, eggplant,greens, lettuce, melons, pepper, radish, squash, tomato and melons. Variety in your garden is an important thing. Variety  helps to prevent insects and disease, attracts more bees and will offer you more veggies. Mono crops force you to eat a lot of one thing all at once. Renee’s also sent us 45 varieties that are certified by the USDA as organic. There is a little of everything and it’s a nice mix. Check out Renee’s at

Strawberries for fall?…uh…no…

    We get this question every fall. I found the web site that claims now is the best time of year to put strawberries in the ground and it may be true. BUT, the plants are never available in the fall. I spoke with the growers that we get strawberry plants from. Both said that they had tried several times to grow a fall crop, but the “starts” rotted in shipping or shortly after arrival. (Let’s see…stick plants in a box, put it into a truck for 2 days, put it into a UPS truck sans A/C,  it’s 100 degrees out and expect them to be ok….yeah) The growers that supply the “starts” harvest them now, keep them in cold storage and begin sending them out in January (when it’s cold out).  If anyone knows a reliable supplier that ships starts now, let me know! See you in February for your strawberry plants!

Mighty ‘Mato

     This spring we will have Mighty ‘Mato  and Mighty Veggies. These are grafted veggie plants. The grafting makes them more disease resistant and increases production. We have to place our order by September 25. If you’re interested in making sure you get a specific variety, let us know ASAP. We will make sure you get first pick and that we order enough.  Check them out at

Calling all civic and garden clubs

     Have your meetings gotten stiff and boring?  Has attendance fallen off? How many times can you discuss “That Yard”?Consider having your meeting here at the nursery. After you get the business part of the meeting done a member of the staff can address your group. We can discuss a topic of your choice or have a general question and answer session. Another idea is a walk and talk. Stroll around the nursery with staff members who can address questions about the plants. There is plenty of parking and you can be the meeting hero for making a great suggestion.