It’s that time again!

      Every year I struggle with the rose order, this year was no different. Did I order the right ones? Did I order enough? I dread getting the job done, but at the same time get excited over the fact that it means spring is on the way.

      There are 17 new (or new for us) varieties on order. Our roses are from Star Roses ,  Weeks Roses and the antiques come from Del Real Nursery in Caldwell, Tx.  Many of the new varieties are showing great promise with disease resistance bred into them. We will just have to give them the old Houston try to be sure! There are lots of solid performance varieties and, of course, our beloved antiques…so prolific and so tough.

About Face Gruss An Aachen Pink Drift
Adobe Sunrise Heart O’ Gold Pink Flamingo
All A’Twitter Heirloom Pink Traviata
Aloha Highway 290 Pink Buttons Playboy
America Home Run PopCorn Drift
Angel Face Honor Pumpkin Patch
Apricot Candy Hot Cocoa Purple Tiger
Archduke Charles Hotel California Queen Elizabeth
Barbra Streisand    Iceberg Queen Mary 2
Belinda’s Dream Icy Drift Rainbow’s End
Be My Baby Intrigue Raspberry Cream Twirl  
Big Momma     Jacob’s Robe Red Cascade
Black Baccara Janice Kellogg Red Drift
Blaze John F. Kennedy Rio Samba
Blue Girl Joseph’s Coat Rock & Roll
Bolero Julia Child Rouge Royal
Bonica Just Joey Royal Amethyst
Brandy Koko Loko Ruby Ruby
Burgandy Iceberg Lady Banks, White Scentimental
Carefree Beauty lady Banks, Yellow Secret
Carefree Spirit  8.0 Lava Flow Shockwave
Cecile Brunner Legends Showbiz
Centennial Star Leonardo Da Vinci     Silver Star
Ch-Ching! Let Freedom Ring Sky’s The Limit
Cherry Parfait Liv Tyler Smoke Rings
Chicago Peace Livin’ Easy Sombreuil
China Doll Love And Peace Souvenir de la Malmaison
Chrysler Imperial Love’s Promise Spanish Sunset
Cinco De Mayo Lunar Mist Sparkle & Shine  
Cinnamon Dolce    Maggie Stainless Steel
Cl. Cecile Brunner Marchessa Boccella Strike It Rich
Cl. Old Blush Mardi Gras Sugar Moon
Cl. Pinkie Margo Koster Sun Flare
Cl. Souvenir de la Malmaison Martha Gonzales Sunshine Daydream
Classic Woman Memorial Day Sunsprite
Coffee Bean Michelangelo Tahitian Sunset
Colette Midas Touch Tequial Gold   
Colorific Midnight Blue Tequila  
Coral Drift Mister Lincoln Tequila Supreme   
Crimson Bouquet Moonstone The Blushing Knock Out
Dark Night   Mother of Pearl The Double Knock Out
Diamond Eyes     Mutabilis The Fairy
Dolly Parton Nearly Wild The Knock out
Don Juan Neptune The Pink Double Knock Out
Double Delight New Dawn The Pink Knock Out
Dream Come True New Zealand Tiddly Winks
Drop Dead Red Nicole Tiffany   7.9
Easy Does It Nicole Carol Miller Traviata
Easy Going Oh My!    Tropicana
Ebb Tide Oklahoma Trumpeter
Eden Climber Old Blush Valentine
Elle Olympiad Valentine’s Day
Europeana Orchid Romance    Voo Doo
Eyeconic  Pink Lemonade   Oregold Walking on Sunshine
Eyeconic Lemonade    Over The Moon We Salute You
Falling In Love Pascali White Licorice
Firefighter Passionate Kisses White Majesty
Fragrant Cloud Paul Neyron Wild Blue Yonder
Fragrant Plum Peace Wing-Ding
Gemini Peach Drift World War II Memorial Rose
Gentle Giant Peggy Martin Yabba Dabba Doo 
Gold Medal Perfect Moment Zephirine Drouhin
Grande Dame    Perfume Delight  
Grandma’s Yellow Peter Mayle  
These are the roses we have on order. Due to possible shortages, we can’t guarantee that any specific variety will come in. Other varieties may be added  if there is an interest in specific varieties. If there are some you want us to hold for you, just let us know! 281-440-5161