SSSHHHH, I won’t tell

    As some of you know, I did a bunch of work to my yard this year. I had the driveway widened and made the house entry wheelchair accessible. I corrected the erosion problem along the drive by edging it with stone then back filling, so the lawn would be level (that’s going to take some more work).  The yard is looking great. I came to an interesting conclusion along the way. Now, I understand why some people (usually men) seem so obsessed with their lawn. It is a great excuse to get out of the house and get some alone time. Yes, I said it! Alone time, the cat is out of the bag.  

I never gave it much thought…

     I have read plenty of articles about the benefits of gardening. Yes, it’s a great way to exercise or relax, but I have never read a word about “alone time”. You all know what I mean. Time away from EVERYONE, kids, spouse…the cat/dog/phone. I used to have alone time, but my household changed this spring. I am NOT complaining about it, but change can be hard, with unexpected consequences. As I was out in the yard one morning, I started wondering what had gotten into me this year, especially this spring. Why was I so hell-bent on adding to my already busy life? I knew I wasn’t feeling guilt about the time I spent in the yard. I knew it wasn’t “other yard” envy. I looked forward to the next little project. It started to bug me, what was my brain up to? I slowly realized that I just didn’t want to go in the house. If I went into the house, there would be dished, laundry, carpets and dust screaming for my attention…along with the other inhabitants. Oh, I was doing all that Mom stuff in a timely fashion, but I relished my time outside.

The moment of truth

     I continued to work on the yard, as time permitted. Even if it was 15 minutes while I waited for the oven to come up to temperature. By the way, a timer phone app  is a super  handy thing. Occasionally, one or both of my kids would join me. When I asked for help, they didn’t groan…too much. Some projects interested them more than others, which is fine with me. One evening, after dinner and a very busy day at work, I headed out side. After a while, one of my kids came out, asking for something or another. It was at that point that my brain said “Hey! this is my alone time. You interrupted a great song and have thrown off my groove”. It had taken months to realize what all the yard work was about. But, there it was, I needed alone time. I didn’t realise I would miss it, until it was gone. I understand why my dad would just look at all us girls in that funny way and he headed out the door, muttering how something in the yard needed to be done. As a teen I assumed he was loosing it, confused or getting senile. Nah, it was the look of a man trying to think up an excuse to get out of the house. Uh, Dad? I’m sorry I ever doubted your sanity.