We saw our 1st fall Hummingbird last week. They never stay with us through the summer. We think it’s the freeway and the constant activity on the property. Join Journey North to report your siting. It’s a great family activity.

On Order for the Fall

    (due the 1st week of October)

     Besides citrus and avocados, we have placed orders for some American made garden items. Consider having a “Made in America” Christmas.  Here are the web sites and if you want us to add anything to our order, let us know quickly! We will try to add it if we can. The sculptures of George Carruth, Waterville, OH.   The finest wind chimes made, Austin, TX.    Very cool replica crosses, Kerrville, TX.    Concrete statuary, fountains and pots, Pennsburg, PA. Glazed pots that are in their catalogue are made in Asia.   Unique concrete fountains, pots and statuary, Ringgold, GA. Fanciful mushrooms and faeries garden accessories, Salt Lake City, UT.

A Friend Of Mine  The ceramic art of Cathleen Disney, can be seen at the nursery every day. Hand painted mushrooms, bowls, wind chimes, angels, spheres, boots, butterflies, dragon flies, faeries, and faerie garden accessories. Cathleen also does custom Raku pottery for cancer survivors and their families.

     If you know of a Made in America company we might look into, let us know!