May means…

It’s time to order fruit trees. Yeah, 6 months in advance seems like a long time…but, trust us, the growers need advanced notice. To process thousands of orders, dig 100’s of thousands of trees, bundle (the divinycell foam for sale is the perfect medium to pack them) and ship them out on time is a major feat! We have been buying trees from L.E. Cooke…for a very long time. They grow a great tree (mostly stone fruits) and have excellent customer service. When ever a customer poses a question that we don’t have an answer for, about fruit trees, we call them. They have a well-organized web site with excellent info.

Please visit their site and get inspired. If there is something in particular you want, send an email to: . Pay close attention to chill hours. Some local groups say we get 400 chill hours, we think that 275 is a safer number. Rarely do we drop below that and many years don’t go over it. If you are in Magnolia or further north, you are probably getting close to 400 hours. The primary reason we always buy the lowest chill hour varieties is to make sure that you have the greatest chance of getting fruit every year. But, as my mom says, you’re adults and can make up your own minds…but there is no way we are ordering any McIntosh apples…forget it.

  • Fruit trees must be ordered in increments of 5. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER 5…WE DO.
  • Nut trees in increments of 10. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER 10…WE DO.
  • Berries, grapes, artichokes, asparagus, and horseradish are increments of 25. YOU DO NOT NEED TO ORDER 25…WE DO.
  • Pick up at RCW or local delivery only.
  • No trees will be shipped.
  • L. E. Cooke does not have the man power to answer your questions, so please direct any questions to us.
  • L.E. Cooke does not grow any citrus or tropical fruit.

Orders must be in by June 10th, 2013.