The answer is a resounding YES!!!  Here is the proof. I have a 5000 square foot lot, subtract 1600 for the house, 1000 for the driveway and walks, leaving me 2100 square feet of yard.  About 5% to 10%  of my yard is flower beds. So, lets just say 2000 square feet.

It costs up to $1.00 a square foot to put down new sod and that does not include the fee for preparing the area. The good news is that the more you replace, the cheaper the sod gets per square foot. Ring up $2000 for new sod, and by the way, you will need to water it…a lot.

Since April, I have spent an extra $50 to $75 a month on watering my yard. I know, many of you have spent more, but I am using myself as an example.

Lets compound the issue. I have two 60-year-old oaks in my front yard. If they died I would have to pay to have them cut down…yikes! They are over 70 feet tall. Several tree companies quoted me $600 to $1000 to remove just one and then grind the stump. Then figure somewhere between $250 and $2500 plant a new tree.

At this point, I am thinking I would rather skateboard down the street, naked with my arm pits on fire. But, the drain on my bank account has not run its full course. Now, my $45 to $150 electric bills are gone too. Those trees really kept my bill down, and I also took the help of an electrical contractor.

Not enough for you yet? How about adding that my property value just took a big hit. Yup, every inch of those trees  added value to my home and neighborhood.

So, my options are spend $200 to $300 more on my water bill or spend much more to replace the lawn. People can check out this link for the best lawn services. Guess what I am doing on Wednesday, my next designated watering day. Your new mantra is this, “It is cheaper to water the lawn than it is to replace it”.