It is that time again!  Fall tomatoes are a wonderful way to get into the fall gardening mood. Start them early and you will have plenty of time to harvest, before the 1st frost. Although the number of varieties is limited, you can still find the type of tomato you prefer. Whether it’s a cherry tomato for your salad or a nice slicer, they are here and looking for a good home. Just to temp you further…we have some peppers and a new shipment of herbs in too…

Fall Varieties

  1. Arkansas Traveler (I) 85days An heirloom variety with 7oz pink fruit that are rough, creamy, mild flavored and low acid. Produces under most circumstances.
  2. Better Boy VFN (I) 75 days Think Big Boy with more disease resistance. Bright red fruit up to 1 ½ pounds, great for slicing and tasty.
  3. Big Beef VFFNASt  (I) 73 days (1994 AAS)Old fashioned flavor, great yields, uniform and disease resistant, globe shaped fruit weigh 10 ounces to a pound. Does not get rough, cracked tops or fibrous like other large varieties.
  4. Big Boy (I) 78 days One of the first hybrids ever developed. 12 to 16 ounce fruit are bright red and smooth. Good tasting and a great slicer, on a stocky plant that produces heavily. Very popular around this neck of the woods.
  5. Celebrity VFFNTASt (S-D) 70 days (1984 AAS)Large oblate fruit are firm and tasty. 10 to 12 ounce fruit arive heavily even under adverse conditions. Our most popular tomato.
  6. Homestead (D) 80 days Deep red, large, firm, meaty fruit that are great even green. Loads of 8 ounce fruit, great for salads, sandiwchs and canning…an old stand by.
  7. Solar Fire VFFFSt (D) 72 days Medium sized fruit sets in hot weather with good yields of 8 to 10 ounce fruit. Glossy red, crack resistant, firm and best eaten fresh.
  8. Sweet 100 (I) 65 days and Large clusters of large red and tasty cherry tomatoes. Big vines produce bumper crops; stake them early for best results.
  9. Top Gun VFFStAsc TSW (D) 75 days   7 to 8 ounce fruit are a uniform color, firm and ripen all at once with an excellent sweet flavor. Grows on the ground or on short cages. Bred to flower in the heat so they offer a great yield potential.

See you soon!